Stifter is a creative studio for films to make.

Stifter Studio provides filmmaking services

to create motion picture content for artists, institutions and cultural initiatives.

Our work spans conception, direction, shooting and post-production of motion picture to deliver thoughtful imagery with an strong artistic approach. The studio, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, considers itself a scalable, collaborative practice engaging other creatives to meet project requirements.

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Mona Schulzek x Kunsthalle Recklinghausen

Junger Westen is an art award of Kunsthalle Recklinghausen for emerging young artists. This film is about the impressive solo show by 2023 winner Mona Schulzek.

Curated by Nico Anklam.

Julian Charrière x Langen Foundation

This was a very special one for us as we had the opportunity to film this vibrant, sizzling and smoldering show Controlled Burn by Julian Charrière at the Langen Foundation.

Curated by Dehlia Hannah and Nadim Samman.

Lorenz Obermeier x Ando Future Studios

"Iunu (geborgtes Licht)" is a site-specific environment that was installed underground in an abandoned underground parking space by artist Lorenz Obermeier. Against the backdrop of the winter solstice recently expected at the time of the exhibition, the work references the sun in its enigmatic power. Created as a walk-through terrain, the environment was ritually activated every full hour by a sound performance and the burning of tree resins.

Murat Oenen x NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

„Vielmehr ein Versuch“ is a video documentation showing a condensed interpretation of the room filling installation by artist Murat Önen. In the context of the exhibition „Doing the Work“ at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein a group of paintings are exposed to choreographed lights and sound within a 38min loop.

Murat Önen
in cooperation with Aki Vierboom and Paul Förster

Camera and Edit: Lorenz Obermeier
Camera and Color Grading: Kai Werner Schmidt

© Stifter Studio and Kai Werner Schmidt

Empty Spaces

For the latest issue of @emptyspaces.e.v „The dreams are still the same“ we have taken a slightly more narrative approach to art and exhibition documentation, trying to match the spirit and atmosphere of the location, a former prison building and it’s chapel.

Tanja Kodlin

All the Days I owe You addresses different ways of dealing with social and physical distances and negotiates the female body between solidification and self-assertion. The work shows an imaginative duel situation in slow motion without a visible counterpart. It manifests itself as a combat scenario that functions as a venue for both subjective and collective experience of time and proves to be a place of fleeting encounters and of the shaking or affirmation of one's own system.

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Tanja Kodlin
Voicework: Elisa Kühnl
Textiles: Nora Hansen
Vitrine Design: Daniel Kiss / Ramòn Graefenstein

Film created by Lorenz Obermeier
Title Design: Felix Sandvoß
Production: Stifter Studio

© Stifter Studio


Schindelhauer is a Berlin based bike manufacturer focused on high quality urban bikes. The ongoing series of a well designed fixed gear model is called Viktor. This is its film.

Hylo Athletics

Product commercial for Hylo Athletics.

Hylo is a London based sports brand creating sustainable sportswear to deliver high performance for athletes and low impact for the planet.